5 Reasons To Say Yes To Meditation For Boss Ladies

Why meditation is THE superstar for your business and life.

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Dec 14, 2018

Do you ever wonder why all the businesswomen are praising meditation as one of their secrets for success? Let’s dive in to reap the benefits of it now.

What Is Meditation

Meditation is training your mind to remove the stress accumulated in your body and mind. Meditation is the process to surrender, observe your thoughts without judgment to let them go. It’s freeing yourself, de-cluttering your mind from the negative, revolving, toxic thoughts eating up your mental energy.

Meditation is giving a freedom ticket to your mind. It’s time when you meditate TO SURRENDER aka:

  • Let go of any responsibilities.

  • Let go of any expectations.

  • Taking yourself less seriously.

  • Finding joy in life.

  • Is being present as it is.

The Purpose Of Meditation

1. Reboot Your Brain Aka What is Meditation For Your Brain

“Take your brain to the gym” as Emily Fletcher called it. Why? Because let’s be honest: your brain is getting weaker or stronger. It creates filters to make sense of the world but let’s face it, we are bombarded by information daily and I bet, you prefer to have a stronger brain like me. To do so, understand how your mind works to harness its potential is vital.

Before the demand was a predatory attack, the tiger trying to kill you. Now, the demand is all the daily challenges you have to face: the umpteenth email popping in your inbox, the presentation to deliver in a few days, the colleague getting on your nerves, [fill in the blank].

2. Stress less & Being More Productive

When you meditate, you saturate your brain with dopamine and serotonin. Not only you’re giving a reboot to your brain, you have access to your own happiness and fulfillment. Like I said before, your happiness is only defined by you.

Meditation is the fuel, the nourishment you need to have access to your own fulfillment, without any external validation. When you do so, you’re giving up more space to “your own GPS” aka your intuition to guide and inspire you… and your intuition is your best ally!

Why Meditation Is Not Removing Your Thoughts

This idea or concept is real misinformation. You cannot stop your mind to think like you cannot stop your heart to beat. We’re wired to think, and we have no control over that. To the contrary, having thoughts when you meditate is the sign that it works!

As you meditate, the brain is also using thoughts to de-clutter your mind but, this time, these thoughts come from a place of total surrender where there is no expectation or additional layers of burden, and this is the TRUTH about meditation.

What Is Happening In Your Brain When You Meditate

When you meditate, your brain is saturated with the “bliss chemicals” dopamine and serotonin, and it’s going to love it. No need for drugs, alcohol, addictions to experience the impact of “bliss chemicals.”

Meditation helps you to keep your full capabilities aka to stay the leader, the captain of your ship when you face difficult circumstances or events.

You can see from the above picture that when you meditate, there is less activity in the brain (let me explain): your nervous system is calmer. This new state is helping you to be less reactive to stress, to be more focused and resilient daily.

The Benefits To Meditate

Meditation is the superstar for your life and your productivity :

  • Increased focus

  • Increased memory

  • Boost your resilience

  • Develop your patience

  • Supercharge your intuition

  • Skyrocket your creativity

  • Reduce massively stress, reactivity and anxiety

You become a better feminine leader in your business and your life. With meditation, you say Bonjour to:

  • Increased compassion

  • Increased kindness

  • More acceptance

  • More harmony

Meditation is for the woman who go for the GOLD, and I know you’re one of them. It requires practice and work to up-level your mind, but the rewards are limitless.

To the end of my Ziva meditation online course in February, I posted a comment in their Facebook group as below:

“Day 15 : Ziva brings me so much peace, clarity and harmony in my life motivating me to set more empowering boundaries and to live with grace and beauty.

I feel so at peace after my meditation, and I’m amazed by the results of it. It’s maybe the last day, but it is truly the starter of a practice for life. Thank you so much, Emily and Ziva team for your energy, commitment to change our lives.”

Whatever your level of practice, dear boss Lady, it’s time to meditate with Ziva meditation. This meditation is for high performers, and I know you’re one of them, take this opportunity to up level your game!

Tired of feeling behind? Of feeling stuck? Book a Rockstar Call with me. It’s time to say Yes to you now.

P.S. : By the way, I’m not an affiliate, only a client who can’t keep her joy that Ziva meditation is making me feel like a million bucks! My productivity is skyrocketing ever since!

With love, joy, and trust


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Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Fear Expert and Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications at HSBC, A Rockstar Mindset

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