Empower Yourself With The Qualities of Love

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Aug 21, 2018

Kindness is what holds us together as human beings. Patience is the key to develop your awareness, observe to make a conscious decision instead of reacting on autopilot. Respect is the glue that holds us together, without it there is no connection, no core to the humanity. Kindness is the trait of love that makes us human.

"When they go low, we go high." This quote from Michelle Obama is my mantra when things go wrong, because, yes, things can get worse and like all of you I have enough to be shocked by the state of our world, by the real evidence that we are called to take massive action to change step by step the world by our decisions and our acts. Each of us can decide to resist to, to counterbalance the emergence of the darkness. I do not need to give you an example, just think about something concerning and you will get to my point.

It is for this reason that I am adamant to empower myself and others to harness the powers that we have to make a difference in the world through our uniqueness, our principles, and our values. The qualities of love are our superpowers to change our perceptions, open new doors and change our reality: respect, kindness, generosity, patience, compassion, joy and more and more. Our power is to make a choice, fight for love or hide and run.

Our choice leads to new doors to be comfortable in our own skin, to free yourself from limiting beliefs, to do that you need to be a decider, to take responsibility and own your life. Love yourself, honor yourself, respect yourself.

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Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Fear Expert and Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications at HSBC, A Rockstar Mindset


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Jane Kirkcaldy about 1 year ago

Happy Bank holiday x Fight for love, or hide and run, thank you