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 These current circumstances have enabled us to reflect on our lifestyles and careers, especially in light of the different ways companies have been responding to COVID-19. Many may have realised the need to find an employer that stays true to their core values and provides the support that is needed to get through a difficult time like this. Perhaps you are seeking new opportunities or thinking of taking the next step as you advance in your career path, such as applying for a senior leadership role. Are you considering that life-long dream of being your own boss, either starting your own business or investing in a franchise? You might be in the process of returning to work after a career break, from furlough leave, having children or any other reason.

Here you will find content created by our community of industry experts discussing women in business, women in tech and women in franchise. Topics include female leadership, diversity and inclusion, STEM, flexible working, mental health and wellbeing, achieving a positive work/life blend, and practical advice and tips for growing your business or launching one.

Hear from business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and specialists share their success stories and insights to empower you to take action and excel in your professional journey, and surviving this challenging time whatever your situation. The time is now.

Women in Business Expo is a two-day annual event designed for all women at any stage of their career. It provides inspiration, guidance, and business services for you to find your perfect career match or support your business journey. The revolutionary event is free to attend.