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A bit about us and what we're hoping to see from the Happiness Clubs

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Mar 16, 2015
I'm lucky to have such a great selection of friends join me in the Happiness Club I've launched. I'm not sure you could get more varied! I'm excited to see the difference that committing to each of the 10 keys to Happiness makes in our lives, and those of our friends and families.
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Kirsty Morgan

I am a Chartered Accountant for a Housing Association, who is a mum to 2 small children. I discovered Mindfulness in 2013 and this was a turning point for me to really be committed and present wherever I am. Life isn't as worrying as I used to think when I used to listen to all my 'what if' thoughts and I now feel braver and more confident. I set up a Happiness Club in 2015 in conjunction with Psychologies magazine and as with Mindfulness am already loving the difference it's making to my life and those around me.


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Suzy Walker about 4 years ago

So delighted you're on board. Welcome to our giant happiness experiment. x

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Kirsty Morgan about 4 years ago

Thank you Suzy 😄 x