The Happiness Club

There are more than 1000 Happiness Clubs around the world. We partnered with Charity Action for Happiness back in January 2015, inviting readers to create a book-club style gathering in their own homes. Readers were challenged to invite friends along once a month to discuss how we can put happiness - ours and other people's - at the heart of our life philosophy. The vision is us to work together to create a happier, and less self-centred world, with far fewer people suffering from mental health problems and far more people feeling good, functioning well, and trying to help others.

How do you set up your own Happiness Club? Register at the link below, then simply invite your friends around on a convenient date. Every month, focus on one of Action for Happiness' 10 scientifically proven 'keys' to happiness and use the questions at the end of each key in the blogs below to discuss with your group. Once you've finished the ten keys, you can join us in reading one book on happiness every month. Vanessa King, our new columnist in Psychologies magazine and positive psychology expert from Action for Happiness is recommending one 'happy book' every month for us to read and discuss.

If you haven't already registered your own Happiness Club, you can by clicking here:

If you'd like to blog about your adventures of creating your own Happiness Club, please email the editor

Resilience, the way to bounce back from a dark place...

Regardless of how happy we learnt or have chosen to be, we are all facing moments, periods or spells of sadness, sorrow and melancholy, without naming the strongest emotions. Being a human involves experiencing life. And what I mean by that is life in its purest form, when we confront it passionately, full on, encountering a wide range of sensations and feelings.
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Sep 27, 2015

Happy with His Holiness

It's World Peace Day on Monday 21st September and I am honoured to be talking on the same stage as the Dalai Lama, the patron for Action for Happiness. Why not start your Happiness Club on World Peace Day?
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Sep 16, 2015

Month 7: How to bounce back

Join our growing tribe of readers who are choosing to spread joy by creating Happiness Clubs around the world, with guidance from Psychologies and Action for Happiness. This month, Suzy Greaves, Psychologies’ editor, is focusing on bouncing back from adversity
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Sep 08, 2015

Month 6: Goalsetting

Join our tribe of readers who are spreading happiness by creating Happiness Clubs in their own homes around the world, with help from Psychologies and Action for Happiness. This month, the focus is on setting goals
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Sep 08, 2015

Why 20 minutes is all you need

We're either obsessed with exercise or we can't find the time to do any. There's not much middle ground. That's what I learnt at our last Happiness meet up. "How can we get more movement in to our daily lives" sounds an easy enough question. Yet why do so many of us see it as a low priority in our never ending To-Do list?
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Jul 29, 2015

Happiness Club meet up – month 6

We’re over halfway now in our Happiness Club journey, entering into the DREAM of GREAT DREAM! What has been lovely is that we’ve all noticed how the things we started our experiment committing too (e.g. giving, relating etc) have dripped through to the subsequent months. So now we’re still giving more, exercising more and so on because they’ve really become part of our daily lives, of who we are. But now we’re starting to try new things and look forward with direction. In this blog I’m going to review our month of Appreciation and Trying Out as well as have a quick chat around the forthcoming month of Direction.
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Jul 26, 2015