The Happiness Club

There are more than 1000 Happiness Clubs around the world. We partnered with Charity Action for Happiness back in January 2015, inviting readers to create a book-club style gathering in their own homes. Readers were challenged to invite friends along once a month to discuss how we can put happiness - ours and other people's - at the heart of our life philosophy. The vision is us to work together to create a happier, and less self-centred world, with far fewer people suffering from mental health problems and far more people feeling good, functioning well, and trying to help others.

How do you set up your own Happiness Club? Register at the link below, then simply invite your friends around on a convenient date. Every month, focus on one of Action for Happiness' 10 scientifically proven 'keys' to happiness and use the questions at the end of each key in the blogs below to discuss with your group. Once you've finished the ten keys, you can join us in reading one book on happiness every month. Vanessa King, our new columnist in Psychologies magazine and positive psychology expert from Action for Happiness is recommending one 'happy book' every month for us to read and discuss.

If you haven't already registered your own Happiness Club, you can by clicking here:

If you'd like to blog about your adventures of creating your own Happiness Club, please email the editor

Happiness Style No 1; Hounds

If you're a Hound you'll never be really happy as long as you have to stick to the rules or follow a set routine. What makes you happiest is being yourself and imaging what the world would be like with you in charge.
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Jul 06, 2015

Happiness Club Month 4: Mindfulness

Last month in our Happiness Club, we walked over 500 miles between us. Our focus for the month was exercising and we each committed to walking our 10,000 steps a day to improve our mood. The added pay-off is that this month, we’re also feeling leaner and fitter, as well as cheerier. We even met for a ‘happiness walk’ mid-month on the South Downs – and managed to laugh throughout despite it being the most miserable rainy day ever. (Although a stop at the pub definitely helped!) Four months since the founding of our Happiness Club and we’re sharing more about what makes us tick, what’s working and what’s not. It’s amazing how sharing how you feel – and realising you’re not alone – has the ability to make you feel more supported, and yes, happier.
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Jun 10, 2015

About Surviving, Turning Negativity into Positivity and Happiness Clubs - my interview with Suzy Greaves

First of all, I would like to express how excited I am to have been invited to be part of this fantastic platform and blog alongside such passionate and knowledgeable people. This new adventure started when I first met Suzy at a Health, Wealth & Well-being show earlier this year. Suzy shared her personal story of how she ended up pursuing self-development and helping other people along the way. It was very emotional and inspiring at the same time. I immediately thought that it would be great if Suzy was willing to share her story on my podcast and explain about the great concept that is the Happiness Clubs. My podcast (Holistic Path to Health) is about sharing information and resources that enable people to achieve optimal mental and physical health naturally. It is also about inspiring and empowering so Suzy’s story was a perfect fit. To my delight she said “yes” to the interview!
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Jun 05, 2015

Month 4 - This moment, right now, is the only moment we really have!

Mindfulness is not new to my Happiness Club. I am passionate about it and have been practicing it in my daily life for over 18 months ( ). Another club member (Diane Shillito is a Mindfulness Mediation Facilitator – amongst other wonderful things. Other club members have been practicing Mindfulness over the last year and have already been enjoying the many benefits that it brings. Regardless of this we are all excited about making a further commitment to practicing more to be present, right now, in this moment. After all, this is the only moment we really have!
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May 21, 2015

Month 3 review - Mixing it up for a month of enjoyable Exercise

Last night my Happiness Club met for the fourth time and reviewed our month of exercise. Beforehand we ranged from people who exercised regularly to those that felt they did very little and taking part in this month was not as eagerly anticipated as some of the earlier ones. That did mean that the review of the month was all the more surprising! Some of the highlights are discussed below.
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May 21, 2015

The secrets of giving...

Giving is a difficult subject, firstly we are not aware of how much we give subconsciously, secondly we have a problem with unconditional councious giving, we are scared for our voluntary offer to be rejected...
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May 04, 2015