How To Live A More Mindful Life

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Jun 19, 2019

I heard this a LOT: it’s hard to do this, it’s hard to do that…

And recently, after an emotional roller-coaster day, I found it hard to uplift my vibes and keep my smile.

Sometimes, let’s be honest, being yourself and admit that it’s hard, it’s the mental freedom we all need.

Because there is a lot of cheer-cake, the bright cake with layers of “you got this, you can do it, keep going” and the cherry on the cake, a gentle kick in the butt to get back your mojo.

Being positive is part of my DNA, but I refuse to be dictated by the uber-super-crazy-optimism mentality, which is out there. When shit hits the fan, we have to accept and learn from it.

More I dived into the personal growth, more I noticed one thing: if you want to stay positive and grounded, raising your consciousness is essential.

It’s not the secret sauce or the secret ingredient that you need, it’s only going against the grain.

It’s learning to :

  • accept your discomfort

  • step outside of your comfort zone

  • stop struggling with your fears

  • move forward

  • be patient and compassionate

  • surrender your judgement

Most importantly, it’s to accept that you’re enough.

It’s not cheesy, it’s to embrace your vulnerability and accept you the way you are. If there’s one thing I learned from my personal journey is this: there’s no instant gratification. Gratification only reveals itself when you learn to be present, body, mind, and soul aligned, when you’re willing to try.

So, before to take the hustle train, think about it:

Do you prefer to live your life in a blur?


Do you prefer to live a more mindful life?

It could be time to start thinking about what you can change, or do differently.

I can absolutely help you to get clarity and I would be happy to talk to you about that.

Let’s have a chat.

With love, joy and trust


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Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Fear Expert and Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications at HSBC, A Rockstar Mindset

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