How To Celebrate Christmas On Your Terms ?

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Dec 12, 2018

The festive season is in full swing and contrary to what you may think, I am not in a rush to start 2019. Because I learnt this year to being present i.e. raise my consciousness with awareness, meditation and mindfulness.

So with all this craziness around Christmas holiday, how are you going to remain zen without being rushed to celebrate Christmas ?

1.Choose the Christmas you want.

My friends, the first rule to set is choose what type of Christmas you want. Do you want a messy, joyful party with laughter, fun and great food or a huge and conventional party creating so much pressure, obligations ad responsibilities that you will finish exhausted, stressed and flat tired ?

2. A flexible approach for organising.

Despite what people may think, it's always possible to use Internet to order online all your Christmas food shopping. This is one of the solutions but not the only one. What I prefer to do, especially during the weekend before Christmas is to do my food shopping and buy the last presents on the morning once the shops are opened. I swear by God that the experience to buy beautiful presents and delicious food is much more enticing and pleasurable than being rushed, pushed, stressed during the peak hours of Christmas shopping. The same rule applies to Oxford Circus, Bond Street or Marylebone, the earlier you are to do your shopping, the quicker you will complete it with everything you need.

3. A Christmas with intention.

Yes, to avoid the circle of doing, doing without thinking, set up an intention for your Christmas this year. Elevate yourself by connecting yourself with the real Christmas spirit and decide now to celebrate Christmas on your own terms. Most importantly, ask yourself : What is Christmas for you ? What is dear to you during this time ? Connect with your family, giving back, reflect and rest ? Take the time to visualise your perfect Christmas.

4. Celebrate Christmas before Christmas.

Yes, some of you love to wait Christmas to receive your presents and others can't wait to receive some of them before ...Christmas which mean that having small presents before Christmas is a nice preparation and anticipation to celebrate Christmas in beauty. Simple gestures like a box of chocolate, a mulled wine, a new beautiful scarf, a long phone call with a dear friend : these are the perfect signs of joy, small moments creating a momentum to celebrate surely but gently Christmas before Christmas ! Pamper yourself with these treats to be in a place of Joy to celebrate Christmas

I'd love your take on this. Which guidance resonated with you?

With love, joy, and trust


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