Are you burning out?

A short soiree into burnout with a few recipes that can help re-balance that hectic world that we live in.

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Nov 02, 2018

Work and home is full on. You are struggling to fit everything in your living hours and it is starting to take its toll. You are grumpy at home, and not effective at work. You are always tired, and dread the noise of the alarm clock signifying the start of yet another day. You look at yourself in the mirror and notice another wrinkle or grey hair appear as life is starting to pass you by. What can you do?

It is time to stop and evaluate what is important to you. It is time to think differently about what you do and those close to you need. 

Here are some quick recipes that could help.

  • Think about the people that you mix with. Are they moodhovers or energy vampires or do they help you feel energised and invigorated? Limit your exposure to the moodhoovers.
  • Fire up your music and build a playlist that you can reflect to when you listen to it. Let others here it by sharing it here. You can visit playlists that others have shared here
  • Get yourself a set of nice pens (I use Lamy ones) with your favourite coloured inks and a nice note book. Write to yourself each morning when you get up. Dont overly think about what you are writing, just flow and write. Perhaps target a couple of pages a day - but if this is too much then fine - you will find your own level. This discipline helps you get the day assembled and in focus.
  • Get off the bus, or train one stop earlier and walk. Although this may sound counter productive, the time to yourself is immense - you could link this to listening to some of your music tracks.
  • A lot has been said about mindfulness, but it does work. Head across to PlayStore or Appstore and check out mindfulness apps such as headspace or calm

Above all, remember that you are not alone. There are people close to you that really do want to help you. These could be family, these could be friends, or could be from the professions such as a doctor or a counsellor. 

You are not alone, reach out and take that first step in recovery.

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Simon Hague

Coach - Dreamer - Creator - Disruptor - Supporter, Wheresmylunch Limited

I work with people that want to make a difference but perhaps do not know how to yet. They could have a bigger purpose, or need that is not in focus yet and needs to be 'unblocked'. I help entrepreneurs, social innovators, and business leaders to be their passion, to be their dream and make it real. I am a big dreamer, but I find that this alone does not unleash my full potential, so I get this space. If this interests you, visit and lets have a no obligation, free chat to see what we can do together.

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